1. FROM $3,122.00 FROM $4,163.00
    Sloane Four Drawer Chest
  2. FROM $2,275.00 FROM $2,699.00
    Carr Arm Chair
  3. FROM $1,799.00 FROM $2,099.00
    Graduate Lounge Chair in Tan
  4. FROM $799.00 FROM $857.00
    Haley Coffee Table
  5. FROM $2,150.00 FROM $2,399.00
    Magdelan Tufted Leather Arm Chair
  6. FROM $1,825.00 FROM $2,099.00
    Orchard Desk
  7. FROM $2,299.00 FROM $2,699.00
    Pablo Sideboard
  8. FROM $1,099.00 FROM $1,208.00
    Pablo Entertainment Unit
  9. FROM $1,199.00 FROM $1,299.00
    Parq Rectangular Dining Table
  10. FROM $1,575.00 FROM $2,199.00
    Perth Club Chair
  11. FROM $885.00 FROM $988.00
    Prince Arm Chair
  12. FROM $1,950.00 FROM $2,099.00
    Sicily Dining Table
  13. FROM $655.00 FROM $724.00
    Sierra Bench
  14. FROM $1,950.00 FROM $2,199.00
    Stamford Coffee Table
  15. FROM $1,399.00 FROM $1,599.00
    Vancouver Small Bookshelf
  16. FROM $759.00 FROM $827.00
    Vancouver Side Table
  17. FROM $595.00 FROM $725.00
    Grand Ottoman
  18. FROM $1,025.00 FROM $1,087.00
    Parq Oval Coffee Table
  19. FROM $1,215.00
    Hayden Bedside Chest
  20. FROM $2,045.00 FROM $2,475.00
    Dublexo Sleeper Sofa w/ Stainless Steel Legs
  21. FROM $2,075.00 FROM $2,520.00
    Dublexo Sleeper Sofa w/ Lacquered Oak Legs
  22. FROM $1,097.00 FROM $1,335.00
    Dean 5-Drawer Tower Dresser
  23. FROM $465.00 FROM $565.00
    Dean Nightstand
  24. FROM $4,714.00 FROM $5,740.00
    Dean 5 Piece Bed Set
  25. FROM $4,123.00 FROM $5,020.00
    Dean 5 Piece Bench Bed Set
  26. FROM $2,275.00 FROM $2,499.00
    Chef's Teak Wine Bar
  27. FROM $1,499.00 FROM $1,699.00
    Dixie Sideboard
  28. FROM $2,699.00 FROM $2,899.00
    Godenza Rectangular Dining Table
  29. FROM $2,325.00 FROM $2,699.00
    Greer Club Chair

Haiku Designs Eco-Friendly Furniture: Good for You, Good for the Earth

Haiku Designs collection of healthy, sustainable, and Eco- Friendly Furniture is one of the widest selections of Earth-friendly furniture and bedding products on the web. We believe that enjoying a comfortable, lifestyle that is healthy not only for oneself but for the planet is entirely possible. By selecting furniture products made with less or no toxic chemicals, organic and sustainably resourced materials, Haiku Designs and our valued customers are making a very real, strong choice to support the environment.

You too can have it all!

From our bamboo and sustainable materials Dining Room Sets to our lines of Bedroom Furniture featuring the “E-1” toxic off-gassing certification allowing minimal toxic chemicals, glues, paints or finishes to be used in the manufacture of the furniture, Haiku Designs offers our customers high quality, beautiful designed, functional furniture and bedding made in a way that is easy on the earth. We call it "Having it All." Living in way that is comfortable, sustainable, and that allows one to create a home, office or personal living space that is reflective of one's own inner values.

Eco-Friendly Classifications

Haiku Designs Furniture and Mattress Company is proud to offer to the American Market several different types of Eco-Friendly Furniture classifications

1. "E-1", Off Gas Emissions Standards Certified by the European Union. One of the strictest standards on the Planet for Furniture.
2. "ITTO", This certification by International Tropical Timber Organization states that product wood is sourced in a sustainable and managed way.
3. Eco-Friendly Bamboo Hardwood Furniture

Each of these rating systems designates Eco-friendly furniture as being made in a manner that does not harm the environment. Not only are these platform beds, living room beds, living room, and dining room furniture sets made using less toxic chemicals, paints, and stains, many are made from base materials that are harvested from sustainable and managed forests.

E-1 Certification

E-1 European Off Gas Emission and Sustainable Construction - The strict “E-1”, European Union Certification for the manufacture of home and office furniture, is one of the highest standards in the world today. The "E-1" classification system, created by the European Union for products sold or manufactured in Europe, rates furniture products according to amount of chemicals used in the manufacturing process, the amount of off-gassing of VOC, Volatile Organic Compounds or formaldehyde, and other dangerous gasses emitted from the finished product, and the source of base materials used and to what degree are they sustainably produced. The “E-1” is one of the cleanest ratings available in the world with ultra-low off-gassing of any toxic chemicals. There currently are no standards in the United States for furniture. In addition, our E-1 Certified, eco-friendly furniture does not use toxic chemicals or glues in the manufacturing process. This is better for the earth and better for you.

International Tropical Timber Organization

ITTO- International Tropical Timber Organization - The ITTO is an international organization and certification process created to insure that the base wood materials used in furniture manufacturing are harvested from forests in a sustainable and renewable manner. The ITTO Sustainable Forest Management Certificate certifies and verifies that production materials are from forests that are well-managed and legally harvested, as defined by their comprehensive list of written regulations and standards, to ensure responsible management for sustainable forests.

Eco-friendly Bamboo

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Furniture - Haiku Designs is pleased to offer a comprehensive line of Eco-friendly bamboo bedroom furniture, bamboo platform beds, Dining Room Furniture Sets. Purchasing Eco-Friendly Bamboo Furniture from Haiku Designs contributes to environmental stewardship and the practice of keeping our planet clean and safe from harmful chemicals. Renewable resources ensure that we will be able to continue creating and developing beauty from nature.

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

Very happy
I received my Raku bed yesterday. Boxes not damaged, bed pieces in perfect condition. I put the bed together and slept in it last night. I could not have slept better. I am very happy with the bed as well as the service you have provided during our transaction. Thank you very much!
B.P., Naples, FL
Thanks for the info
Thank you so much for your info and suggestion. I can already tell your company is a good company!
L.Z., Houston TX
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