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  1. Azara Platform Bedroom Collection in Sable

    From $1,977.00 Regular Price $2,373.00

    Azara Platform Bedroom Collection in Sable
  2. Azara Platform Bedroom Collection in Caramelized

    From $1,702.00 Regular Price $2,043.00

    Azara Platform Bedroom Collection in Caramelized
  3. Sequoia Dining Table
    From $2,472.00 Regular Price $2,967.00
    Sequoia Dining Table
  4. Azara Media Cabinet
    From $1,784.00 Regular Price $2,142.00
    Azara Media Cabinet
  5. Vale High Chest
    Special Price $1,467.00 Regular Price $2,097.00
    Vale High Chest
  6. Vale Nightstand
    Special Price $480.00 Regular Price $687.00
    Vale Nightstand
  7. Sitka Dining Table
    From $684.00 Regular Price $822.00
    Sitka Dining Table
  8. Tulip Dining Table
    From $737.00 Regular Price $1,053.00
    Tulip Dining Table
  9. Sienna Platform Bed
    From $1,592.00 Regular Price $1,911.00
    Sienna Platform Bed
  10. Currant Bamboo Platform Bed in Caramelized
    From $1,894.00 Regular Price $2,274.00
    Currant Bamboo Platform Bed
  11. Currant Dresser
    From $2,609.00 Regular Price $3,132.00
    Currant Dresser
  12. Rosemary End Table
    From $228.00 Regular Price $327.00
    Rosemary End Table
  13. Currant Sideboard
    From $1,784.00 Regular Price $2,142.00
    Currant Sideboard
  14. Sienna Nightstand
    From $459.00 Regular Price $657.00
    Sienna Nightstand
  15. Currant Bamboo Nightstand
    From $575.00 Regular Price $822.00
    Currant Bamboo Nightstand
  16. Cosmos Stool
    From $873.00 Regular Price $1,248.00
    Cosmos Stool
  17. Skol Leather Seat Stool- Set of 2
    From $514.00 Regular Price $735.00
    Skol Leather Seat Stool- Set of 2
  18. Currant Bedroom Set

    From $1,894.00 Regular Price $2,274.00

    Currant Bedroom Set
  19. Currant Eco-Friendly Bamboo Dining Room Set

    From $1,729.00 Regular Price $2,076.00

    Currant Eco-Friendly Bamboo Dining Room Set
  20. Sienna Bedroom Set

    From $1,592.00 Regular Price $1,911.00

    Sienna Bedroom Set
  21. Studio Line Bookshelf
    Special Price $806.00 Regular Price $1,152.00
    Studio Line Bookshelf
  22. Azara Dining Chair
    From $688.00 Regular Price $984.00
    Azara Dining Chair
  23. Azara Sideboard Buffet
    From $2,059.00 Regular Price $2,472.00
    Azara Sideboard Buffet
  24. Tulip Stool
    From $550.00 Regular Price $786.00
    Tulip Stool
  25. Mimosa Bar Stool
    Special Price $550.00 Regular Price $786.00
    Mimosa Bar Stool
  26. Skol Stool
    From $550.00 Regular Price $786.00
    Skol Stool

Items 1-30 of 50

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Haiku Designs Bamboo Furniture

Solid Bamboo Timber

Bamboo is becoming an increasingly popular material for everything from fabric to flooring, and recently has come into it own, especially in the area or furniture construction. Sustainably produced, strong, durable, and inexpensive, bamboo in now being used for unique and beautiful bamboo furniture pieces for both the bedroom, dining room, and living room areas. In addition, Bamboo is a great Eco-Friendly choice, being one of the most renewable resources on the planet. In fact, it can grow up to 46 inches in just one day! Bamboo is also a excellent carbon sequester absorbing carbon out of the atmosphere and binning it in an inert form in the fiber of the plant, as many trees and plants do.

Sustainable Timeless Bamboo Beauty

Below is a simple guide that contains information on how to buy, care for, and incorporate bamboo furniture into your home.

Bamboo Furniture Guide

Bamboo & Planet Earth: Bamboo is scientifically classified as a grass and is extremely fast growing. It is also found on almost every continent and can grow in many diverse climates. When cut, bamboo will send up new shoots and quickly regrow. In addition, bamboo doesn't need fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides to thrive. Better for life and better for the environment.

  • Bamboo & Furniture: Bamboo has been used to make furniture for centuries. Common types of bamboo furniture include table and chair sets, beds, cabinets, and dressers. The bamboo furniture manufactured today is most often layered bamboo, fused together resulting in a bamboo timber product that is more durable and strong than solid oak wood. This type of furniture also is an excellent load weight bearer, and will not shrink or expand in moist or dry environments.
  • Buying bamboo furniture: Here are a few things to look for when you're shopping for high-quality, Eco-Friendly bamboo furniture. Search for pieces made with real bamboo rather than a bamboo veneer, which often has particleboard as the interior product. Choose bamboo furniture with more eco-friendly water-based stains, or waxes. It is generally a good idea to purchase bamboo furniture from companies that specialize in bamboo furniture.
  • Caring for bamboo furniture: Bamboo Furniture can be cared for in the same manner as regular solid wood or composite furniture. Spot clean the furniture with a solution of water and mild detergent when needed. Eco-friendly cleaning solutions are available that work well on bamboo furniture. Clean up spills immediately to lessen the chance of stains, as with any furniture piece.
  • Decorating with bamboo furniture: Bamboo furniture has become very popular in recent years, and the variety of styles available is expanding. The natural tones and colors, work great in a variety of home and office environments, adding a touch of Asian or Japanese influence to any room in which it is placed.



Eco-Friendly Bamboo Benefits

The Quality and Beauty of Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Purchasing Eco-Friendly Bamboo Furniture from Haiku Designs contributes to environmental stewardship and the practice of keeping our planet clean and safe from harmful chemicals. Renewable resources ensure that we will be able to continue creating and developing beauty from nature.

Renewable Resources of Bamboo

Renewable Resources

Bamboo is an eco-friendly, renewable resource grown in sustainable forests. Bamboo can grow into full maturity in just about 4 years or so.

The Resistance and Strength of Bamboo

Warp, Chip & Crack Resistant

Known for its natural beauty and flexibility, bamboo hardwood is less likely to warp, chip or crack than other solid woods.

The Power of Bamboo

30% Stronger Than Oak

The bamboo hardwood used in all Haiku Designs furniture is 30% stronger than solid oak.

Premium Quality Bamboo Materials

Premium Quality Materials

We only use solid bamboo wood — No bamboo laminate, MDF board, particle board interior or other low quality materials.

Ultra Low Off-gassing

Ultra Low Off-gassing

Our Eco-Friendly bamboo furniture reduces off-gassing and toxic emissions to ultra low levels for your health and for the Earth.

Natural Bamboo Materials

100% Natural Materials

Our furniture is built from 100% Natural Bamboo and will naturally stay consistently durable while also being mold resistant.

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