1. FROM $855.00
    Strada Mirror
  2. FROM $1,305.00
    Phase Floor Mirror
  3. FROM $900.00
    Camber Mirror
  4. FROM $855.00
    Phase Wall Mirror
  5. FROM $1,200.00
    Serra Wall Mirror
  6. FROM $1,545.00
    Serra Floor Mirror
  7. $499.00
    Luna Mirror
  8. FROM $890.00 FROM $1,187.00
    Mansfield Large Wall Mirror
  9. FROM $1,383.00 FROM $1,845.00
    Berkeley Floor Mirror
  10. FROM $690.00 FROM $921.00
    Catalina Dreams Mirror
  11. FROM $1,383.00 FROM $1,845.00
    Monterey Floor Mirror
  12. FROM $1,016.00 FROM $1,355.00
    Berkeley Wall Mirror
  13. FROM $1,016.00 FROM $1,355.00
    Monterey Wall Mirror
  14. FROM $499.00
    Maddox Mirror
  15. FROM $786.00 FROM $1,049.00
    Astrid Wall Mirror
  16. FROM $890.00 FROM $1,187.00
    Astrid Large Wall Mirror

Haiku Designs Contemporary Decorative Mirrors

Contemporary Decorative Mirrors: Designs that Create Simplicity

Reflecting the Moon - Chionyo was a Japanese student of Zen philosophy during the Middle Ages. After a lifetime of study and meditation, she was carrying a full bucket of water from the well on a full moon evening. While gazing at the reflection of the full moon in the water in the bucket, the bamboo strips holding the pail broke, and the water rushed out, erasing the image of the moon. At that moment, she became enlightened. May the beautifully handcrafted mirrors offered hereby Haiku Designs give you the magic of reflection and serve as a perfect compliment to your home or office.

Each mirror is made from 100% optically-clear, reflective glass, framed in hand-polished wood or glass. Many of the mirrors can be hung horizontally or vertically, offering greater variety in placement in your home or office. The elegant collection of handcrafted mirrors offer the ideal complement to the contemporary furniture collections from Haiku Designs. Be sure to review the full line of Living Room Furniture, and Sleeper Sofa and Sofabed Collections from Haiku Designs.

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Easy to use
Thanks for the info, I can't wait to see how it looks in my new apartment. There were a few other stores with similar products, but your website was the easiest to use and had the most information - I won't hesitate to return.
E.H., Los Angeles, CA
Thanks to your team
Thank you for your excellent customer service. I really appreciate it.
M.L., Lemont IL
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