Wall Fountains

  1. FROM $1,239.00 FROM $1,586.00
    New Tanjun Horizontal Wall Fountain
  2. FROM $1,239.00 FROM $1,586.00
    New Tanjun Vertical Wall Fountain
  3. FROM $2,640.00 FROM $3,379.00
    Great Voice Wall Fountain
  4. FROM $2,640.00 FROM $3,379.00
    Harmony Falls Hanging Wall Fountain
  5. FROM $619.00 FROM $792.00
    Gentle Waters Wall Fountain
  6. FROM $4,379.00 FROM $5,605.00
    Tanjun Double Beauty Wall Fountain


Running water not only creates a pleasing and relaxing sound but also produces negative ions freshening and moistening the air, reducing dust and allergy causing airborne pollution particles. Our Haiku Designs fountains have been specifically designed to produce the gentle sound of falling water, while at the same time creating a look of aesthetic beauty and simplicity. Each fountain incorporates all three essential life elements found in Feng Shui, including natural stones representing earth, water falling representing water, and metal representing sky. What all this means is that our fountains are not only beautiful art pieces but they can be used for Feng Shui cure purposes, moving stagnant "Chi." Try one of beautiful Haiku Designs fountains in your "Success" or "Relationship" areas of your home or office to induce and increase the flow of life force into these areas.

Each fountain will be shipped directly to you, complete, and ready to use with with all necessary parts. Wall Hanging fountains are totally self enclosed and need no special wiring or plumbing for use. Imagine the soothing sound of running water. . .

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

A pleasant experience
I have received the Feng Shui Wisdom print in good order. Thank you for the generous solution to the problem and your very rapid response! It makes shopping at your place a real pleasure!
L.H., Plano TX
Good quality
I ordered 3 items one week ago. As far as the quality, I am totally satisfied: I ordered a kakebuton and a 100% organic cotton duvet cover. I don't know about the mattress cover yet, as I haven’t received it, but I am sure I won't be deluded. I would definitely buy again from them!!
A.P., Manhattan NY
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