Living Room

  1. FROM $3,695.00
    Tripi Sofa Bed
  2. FROM $4,295.00
    Grand Sofa Bed
  3. FROM $2,795.00
    Supremax Sofa Bed
  4. FROM $2,995.00
    Cubed Queen Sofa Bed
  5. FROM $1,995.00 FROM $2,095.00
    Unfurl Lounger Sofa Bed
  6. FROM $4,375.00 FROM $4,999.00
    Tumble Nook Modular Sectional
  7. FROM $6,150.00 FROM $6,799.00
    Tumble Classic L Modular Sectional
  8. FROM $2,995.00
    Osvald Sofa Bed
  9. FROM $5,575.00 FROM $6,299.00
    Tumble Dream Modular Sectional
  10. FROM $3,995.00
    Killian Dual Sofa Bed
  11. FROM $3,199.00 FROM $3,599.00
    Tumble Lounge Modular Sectional
  12. FROM $6,799.00
    Bolton Sofa
  13. $5,299.00
    Darlington Sofa
  14. $3,999.00
    Zeeburg Sofa
  15. $7,299.00
    Castle Sofa
  16. FROM $6,699.00
    Birmingham Sofa
  17. $7,299.00
    Kirby Sofa

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Living Room Furniture

The living room is the gathering place for comfort and relaxation. Often families spend hours together on the comfort of a sofa, bonding over a movie, or playing games together. Your family deserves the best in eco-friendly and low-emissions furniture, so check out our selection of sofas and couches, tables and entertainment centers, lounge chairs and bring a little bit of love and nature into your home.

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

Looks great and comfortable, too
We just received out Tomaru Japanese Platform Bed and the King Size Naturalpedic Latex Mattress: Level 2 - Luxury. Last nite was the most comfortable sleeping experience we have ever had. I did a lot of research on whether to get a (brand deleted) mattress or a latex mattress. We decided to go with the Latex and it couldn’t have been a better choice. Not only was the price exceptionally low, the quality and sleep comfort is bar none the best we have ever slept on. My wife was always complaining about our old mattress and how is sags in the middle and hurts her back, but now she is so happy and loves the comfort and support of this mattress. Again thank you for a wonderful high quality product.
S.H., Chesapeake, VA
Bed arrived and it’s brilliant. It’s better than my expectations and very easily to assemble. Thank you for a great quality stylish looking product
P.W., Australia
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