Living Room

  1. FROM $1,275.00 FROM $1,501.00
    Studio Line Bookshelf
  2. FROM $399.00
    Hewn End Table Small
  3. FROM $859.00
    Laurel Side Table
  4. FROM $383.00 FROM $451.00
    Sol Side Table
  5. FROM $999.00 FROM $1,115.00
    Reed Coffee Table
  6. FROM $855.00 FROM $1,179.00
    Terrene Coffee Table
  7. FROM $479.00 FROM $567.00
    Bali Kubu Rattan Armchair
  8. FROM $1,399.00 FROM $1,647.00
    Greenington Mira Console
  9. FROM $1,649.00
    Baxter Media Cabinet
  10. FROM $669.00 FROM $742.00
    Tumble Ottoman
  11. FROM $1,199.00 FROM $1,399.00
    Tumble Slipper Chair
  12. FROM $4,375.00 FROM $4,999.00
    Tumble Nook Modular Sectional
  13. FROM $489.00
    Hewn End Table
  14. FROM $1,029.00
    Hewn Coffee Table
  15. FROM $1,299.00
    Laurel Coffee Table
  16. FROM $1,199.00 FROM $1,680.00
    Fifties Media Chest
  17. FROM $295.00 FROM $397.00
    Portal Wall Shelf
  18. FROM $1,599.00 FROM $1,799.00
    Syd Coffee Table
  19. FROM $383.00 FROM $451.24
    Greenington Sol Side Table, Wheat
  20. FROM $428.75
    Hester Ottoman
  21. FROM $3,685.00 FROM $4,450.00
    Cassius Lounger Sofa Bed
  22. Ran Lounger Sleeper Sofa
    FROM $3,685.00 FROM $4,450.00
    Ran Lounger Sleeper Sofa
  23. Zenkei Sleeper Love Seat with Dark Wood Legs
    FROM $2,460.00 FROM $2,955.00
    Cubed Full Sofa Bed
  24. FROM $2,018.00 FROM $2,375.00
    Magnolia Bookshelf
  25. Studio Line Leaning Bookshelf
    FROM $740.00 FROM $871.00
    Studio Line Leaning Bookshelf
  26. FROM $2,695.00 FROM $3,260.00
    Osvald Sofa Bed
  27. FROM $2,165.00 FROM $2,595.00
    Recast Plus Sofa Bed with Arms

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Living Room Furniture

The living room is the gathering place for comfort and relaxation. Often families spend hours together on the comfort of a sofa, bonding over a movie, or playing games together. Your family deserves the best in eco-friendly and low-emissions furniture, so check out our selection of sofas and couches, tables and entertainment centers, lounge chairs and bring a little bit of love and nature into your home.

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

Thank you!
It’s been a little more than 1 week since I received my new Slumber bed. Just wanted to ask you to relate my great satisfaction to all involved in its design, manufacturing, and delivery. I am very pleased with the quality of the product, with selection of the woods that went into making the bed, and with overall look and feel. The assembly process worked out well also. I am happy to have discovered your company, and is impressed with workmanship and pretty much all aspects of the process, including my online browsing and ordering experience, and sales help and support from you. Congratulations to your entire team for work well done! My sincere thanks!
G.S., Los Angeles, CA
Exceeds my expectations
I want to thank everyone who helped with my recent order. I have been enjoying both the bed and mattress immensely, as has Xena, my cat. This was the first major purchase have made on-line--a bed to boot--and was a bit unsure about the end result. The simplicity of your website is what attracted me to Haiku Designs, and the helpfulness of everyone I spoke with was sincere and eased any doubts I had. It turns out that the quality of the bed far exceeds my expectations and the mattress is wonderful. I know I will sleep well for the next few years.
M.G., Campbell, CA
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