Meditation Furniture - Creating that Special Space

Haiku Designs Meditation Furniture

Create the perfect space for meditation and contemplation with our collection of meditation room accessories and furniture pieces. If you are a long term committed meditator, or someone just beginning a practice of sitting and mindfulness, having a special place set aside and dedicated for your meditation can be tremendous benefit. If you have the luxury of a full room for your meditation area then Haiku is here to help. However one does not need a full room area in order to create a special space of mindfulness, and relaxation.

A section of a small room, or even the corner of an office, bedroom, or special area in your home can be set and dedicated as a place of meditation. Whether looking for the ideal Zabuton mat with matching Zafu or Mediation cushion, or whether you prefer the feel of a Classic cushion or Crescent style meditation cushion, Haiku Designs has the ideal choice for you. All cotton Yoga mats, as well as Thai massage and mediation mats, from both natural unbleached cotton and 100% organic cotton, are also part of the selection we offer to assist in your mediation practice.

Designing your Zen Modern Meditation Space

By creating and designating a space for yourself as a place of meditation, you will begin to actually create milieu or field of mindfulness and relaxation that will help support your sitting or yoga practice. Haiku Designs is here to help with a collection of select furniture pieces, lighting, brushstroke calligraphy prints, and accessories designed to help create that special place. Our specialty is Organic and Toxic free mattresses, futons, and furniture made without the use of toxic chemicals or synthetic materials.

Not a meditator but wanting to create a room and place for peaceful ease and relaxation? Our wide range of sleeper sofas, platform beds, Latex mattresses, Japanese style lamps, and natural bedding choices can help assist you in creating a special place for you and yours. Skip the Spa and the weekend get away, and create a place of retreat, rest and relaxation, in your own home with unique selections from Haiku Designs.

All of our products are designed, and manufactured with the exact idea in mind of assisting you in creating a place of ease and harmony.

Shelter That Creates Tranquility.

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

Good experience
I love Japanese furniture and this has been the place where I have bought the few pieces of furniture that I wanted. I have always had a great customer service. They have been very kind, patient and helpful with my slow process of making my decisions. I also consider that the furniture has a good quality, it is beautiful and affordable... I am actually very grateful to them for their graciousness and patience with me during my last purchase about a month ago.
I.G., Aurora CO
Great Customer Service
Thank you very much for your kind assistance and speedy reply. I understand that mistakes happen. Your customer service more than makes up for any problems that occurred in the warehouse. I would highly recommend your company, and services. Thanks again. I look forward to receiving the lamp.
T.T., Tuscon, AZ
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