1. Invigo Sit-Stand Desk
    FROM $3,498.00 FROM $4,665.00
    Invigo Sit-Stand Desk
  2. FROM $2,662.00 FROM $3,550.00
    Linear Filing Cabinet
  3. FROM $4,560.00 FROM $6,080.00
    Linear Credenza
  4. Sarah Desk
    FROM $1,458.00 FROM $1,944.00
    Sarah Desk
  5. FROM $1,287.00 FROM $1,716.00
    Sarah Desk Return
  6. FROM $810.00 FROM $1,080.00
    Sarah Desktop Organizer
  7. FROM $837.00 FROM $1,116.00
    Sarah Upholstered Arm Chair
  8. FROM $704.00 FROM $939.00
    Sarah Upholstered Side Chair
  9. FROM $917.00 FROM $1,222.00
    Sarah Arm Chair
  10. FROM $2,613.00 FROM $3,484.00
    Catalina Desk
  11. FROM $4,676.00 FROM $6,235.00
    Catalina Credenza
  12. FROM $2,411.00 FROM $3,215.00
    Catalina Credenza Organizer
  13. Phase Desk in Toast wood finish
    FROM $3,405.00
    Phase Desk
  14. FROM $3,375.00
    Phase File Credenza
  15. FROM $1,905.00
    Phase Large Bookshelf
  16. FROM $1,750.00 FROM $2,099.00
    Orchard Desk
  17. Currant Bamboo Writing Desk
    FROM $1,152.00 FROM $1,536.00
    Currant Bamboo Writing Desk
  18. FROM $1,032.00 FROM $1,376.00
    Essentials Desk
  19. FROM $627.00 FROM $836.00
    Studio Plus Desk
  20. FROM $1,046.00 FROM $1,396.00
    Studio Plus Bookshelf
  21. FROM $1,834.00 FROM $2,445.00
    Ascent Hi-Lo Desk
  22. FROM $2,287.00
    Serra Desk
  23. FROM $2,250.00
    Serra Bookshelf
  24. FROM $2,239.00
    Laurel Bookshelf
  25. FROM $1,116.00 FROM $1,488.00
    Estelle Arm Chair
  26. FROM $926.00 FROM $1,235.00
    Estelle Dining Chair
  27. FROM $905.00 FROM $1,206.00
    Ingrid Arm Chair
  28. FROM $675.00 FROM $900.00
    Ingrid Side Chair with Cushion
  29. FROM $764.00 FROM $1,019.00
    Ingrid Side Chair
  30. FROM $836.00 FROM $1,115.00
    Ingrid Arm Chair with Cushion

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Office Furniture

Your home office should be a clutter-free healthy place to spend your day. After all, you spend at least 8 hours sitting at your desk, so why not make sure that your space is comfortable and beautiful. Our eco-friendly and affordable home office furniture is an ideal choice to not only create the perfect space, but to honor the earth and its resources. Sustainable, low-emissions office furniture crafted from solid and eco-friendly wood is sourced from renewable forests that have been cultivated and cared for by stewards of the environment.

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

Very happy
I received my Raku bed yesterday. Boxes not damaged, bed pieces in perfect condition. I put the bed together and slept in it last night. I could not have slept better. I am very happy with the bed as well as the service you have provided during our transaction. Thank you very much!
B.P., Naples, FL
Good quality and price
I feel truly valued as a customer. Your prices our great. You guys explain your quality on the screens. I was very impressed. I was looking for weeks for a screen that was in my price range and quality. You guys were it. Even the shipping costs were great. Other websites that I was in, the shipping costs were added on to a very high amount, sometimes more than the price of the screen. Thanks again.
J.P., Chicago, IL
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