1. Invigo Sit-Stand Desk
    FROM $3,498.00 FROM $4,665.00
    Invigo Sit-Stand Desk
  2. FROM $2,662.00 FROM $3,550.00
    Linear Filing Cabinet
  3. FROM $4,560.00 FROM $6,080.00
    Linear Credenza
  4. Sarah Desk
    FROM $1,458.00 FROM $1,944.00
    Sarah Desk
  5. FROM $1,287.00 FROM $1,716.00
    Sarah Desk Return
  6. FROM $810.00 FROM $1,080.00
    Sarah Desktop Organizer
  7. FROM $837.00 FROM $1,116.00
    Sarah Upholstered Arm Chair
  8. FROM $704.00 FROM $939.00
    Sarah Upholstered Side Chair
  9. FROM $917.00 FROM $1,222.00
    Sarah Arm Chair
  10. FROM $2,613.00 FROM $3,484.00
    Catalina Desk
  11. FROM $4,676.00 FROM $6,235.00
    Catalina Credenza
  12. FROM $2,411.00 FROM $3,215.00
    Catalina Credenza Organizer
  13. Phase Desk in Toast wood finish
    FROM $3,405.00
    Phase Desk
  14. FROM $3,375.00
    Phase File Credenza
  15. FROM $1,905.00
    Phase Large Bookshelf
  16. FROM $1,750.00 FROM $2,099.00
    Orchard Desk
  17. Currant Bamboo Writing Desk
    FROM $1,152.00 FROM $1,536.00
    Currant Bamboo Writing Desk
  18. FROM $1,032.00 FROM $1,376.00
    Essentials Desk
  19. FROM $627.00 FROM $836.00
    Studio Plus Desk
  20. FROM $1,046.00 FROM $1,396.00
    Studio Plus Bookshelf
  21. FROM $1,834.00 FROM $2,445.00
    Ascent Hi-Lo Desk
  22. FROM $2,287.00
    Serra Desk
  23. FROM $2,250.00
    Serra Bookshelf
  24. FROM $2,239.00
    Laurel Bookshelf
  25. FROM $1,116.00 FROM $1,488.00
    Estelle Arm Chair
  26. FROM $926.00 FROM $1,235.00
    Estelle Dining Chair
  27. FROM $905.00 FROM $1,206.00
    Ingrid Arm Chair
  28. FROM $675.00 FROM $900.00
    Ingrid Side Chair with Cushion
  29. FROM $764.00 FROM $1,019.00
    Ingrid Side Chair
  30. FROM $836.00 FROM $1,115.00
    Ingrid Arm Chair with Cushion

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Office Furniture

Your home office should be a clutter-free healthy place to spend your day. After all, you spend at least 8 hours sitting at your desk, so why not make sure that your space is comfortable and beautiful. Our eco-friendly and affordable home office furniture is an ideal choice to not only create the perfect space, but to honor the earth and its resources. Sustainable, low-emissions office furniture crafted from solid and eco-friendly wood is sourced from renewable forests that have been cultivated and cared for by stewards of the environment.

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

Great Service!
This email is to thank you for providing a prompt and courteous response to my request for an exchange on my Shoji Screen. Great Service! The new screen look perfect.
L.H., Rock Island, IL
Good quality and price
I feel truly valued as a customer. Your prices our great. You guys explain your quality on the screens. I was very impressed. I was looking for weeks for a screen that was in my price range and quality. You guys were it. Even the shipping costs were great. Other websites that I was in, the shipping costs were added on to a very high amount, sometimes more than the price of the screen. Thanks again.
J.P., Chicago, IL
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