1. FROM $609.00 FROM $869.00
    Palm Bar Table
  2. FROM $498.00 FROM $712.00
    Palm Armchair
  3. FROM $487.00 FROM $696.00
    Oasis Bar Armchair
  4. FROM $125.00
    River Outdoor Rug
  5. FROM $30.00
    Idalia Outdoor Rug
  6. FROM $30.00
    Freya Outdoor Rug
  7. FROM $30.00
    Haruki Outdoor Rug
  8. FROM $1,093.00 FROM $1,561.00
    Grande Outdoor Club Chair with Fern Cushion
  9. FROM $620.00 FROM $885.00
    Grande Outdoor Coffee Table
  10. FROM $1,735.00 FROM $2,479.00
    SoHo Outdoor Sofa
  11. FROM $449.00 FROM $641.00
    Picnic Bench
  12. FROM $734.00 FROM $1,049.00
    Birmingham Dining Table
  13. FROM $331.00 FROM $473.00
    Devon Folding Chair
  14. FROM $498.00 FROM $712.00
    Draper Sling Club Chair
  15. FROM $1,448.70 FROM $1,881.00
    Royal Round Table
  16. FROM $1,278.00 FROM $1,826.00
    Avery Squared Table
  17. FROM $1,470.00 FROM $2,100.00
    Dalton Ext. Table
  18. FROM $259.00 FROM $310.00
    Gem Outdoor Stool

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Outdoor Furniture

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Great Customer Service
Thank you very much for your kind assistance and speedy reply. I understand that mistakes happen. Your customer service more than makes up for any problems that occurred in the warehouse. I would highly recommend your company, and services. Thanks again. I look forward to receiving the lamp.
T.T., Tuscon, AZ
Good customer service response
I had actually goofed with this order; I had meant to order a different product. Haiku Designs responded promptly, getting the right product to me. They make on-line shopping simple and worry-free.
E.B., Billings, MT
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