1. FROM $742.00 FROM $1,060.00
    Palm Bench
  2. FROM $609.00 FROM $869.00
    Palm Bar Table
  3. FROM $1,599.00
    Netta Chaise
  4. FROM $498.00 FROM $712.00
    Palm Armchair
  5. FROM $45.73 FROM $59.18
    Sedona Indoor/Outdoor Rug
  6. FROM $749.00 FROM $1,070.00
    Oasis Bar Table
  7. FROM $98.43 FROM $127.38
    Juniper Indoor/Outdoor Rug
  8. FROM $78.03 FROM $100.98
    Desert Diamonds Outdoor Rug
  9. FROM $487.00 FROM $696.00
    Oasis Bar Armchair
  10. FROM $30.43 FROM $39.38
    River Outdoor Rug
  11. FROM $59.33 FROM $76.78
    New Mexico Indoor/Outdoor Rug
  12. FROM $45.73 FROM $59.18
    Calinda Outdoor Rug
  13. FROM $23.63 FROM $30.58
    Beckett Outdoor Rug
  14. FROM $23.63 FROM $30.58
    Idalia Outdoor Rug
  15. FROM $23.63 FROM $30.58
    Tallulah Outdoor Rug
  16. FROM $23.63 FROM $30.58
    Freya Outdoor Rug
  17. FROM $45.73 FROM $59.18
    Haruki Outdoor Rug
  18. FROM $620.00 FROM $885.00
    Grande Outdoor Coffee Table
  19. FROM $415.00 FROM $592.00
    SoHo Outdoor Coffee Table
  20. FROM $30.43 FROM $39.38
    Phoenix Outdoor Rug
  21. FROM $45.73 FROM $59.18
    Rocky Indoor/Outdoor Rug
  22. FROM $52.53 FROM $67.98
    Winslow Trellis Outdoor Rug
  23. FROM $30.43 FROM $39.38
    Florence Outdoor Rug
  24. FROM $1,377.00 FROM $1,966.00
    Palm Bar Set
  25. FROM $734.00 FROM $1,049.00
    Birmingham Dining Table
  26. FROM $1,470.00 FROM $2,100.00
    Dalton Ext. Table
  27. FROM $384.00 FROM $549.00
    Palm Bar Chair
  28. FROM $837.00 FROM $1,195.00
    Chichester 2 Seater Bench
  29. FROM $597.00 FROM $853.00
    Draper Woven Chat Chair

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Outdoor Furniture

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

You guys make it easy!
I just wanted to let you know that I received my Raku Tatami bed on Wednesday of this week. I also wanted to say that the call directly from Haiku to explain the process was quite unexpected. Your customer service should be applauded. I was also amazed at the EASE of assembly. I was excited to see the finished product so I put it together myself in about 20 minutes, most of which was spent unpacking the securely wrapped pieces. There was no damage to the product in shipping. This is the first time I have ever placed an order for a piece of furniture online. Having done so I would recommend Haiku to anyone wishing to purchase fashionable and unique furniture items of GREAT quality. Thanks again.
C.S., Chicopee, MA
Good quality and price
I feel truly valued as a customer. Your prices our great. You guys explain your quality on the screens. I was very impressed. I was looking for weeks for a screen that was in my price range and quality. You guys were it. Even the shipping costs were great. Other websites that I was in, the shipping costs were added on to a very high amount, sometimes more than the price of the screen. Thanks again.
J.P., Chicago, IL
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