Outdoor Dining Sets

  1. FROM $7,288.00 FROM $9,589.00
    Devon Family Dining
  2. FROM $2,015.00 FROM $2,653.00
    Palm Bar Set
  3. FROM $1,835.00 FROM $2,414.00
    Valencia Bistro Set
  4. FROM $4,554.00 FROM $5,992.00
    Birmingham Family Dining
  5. FROM $3,562.00 FROM $4,690.00
    Palm Dining Set
  6. FROM $3,178.00 FROM $4,182.00
    Birmingham Dining Set
  7. FROM $2,346.00 FROM $3,088.00
    Oasis Bar Set
  8. FROM $3,155.00 FROM $4,152.00
    Herning Dining Set

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

Good customer service response
I had actually goofed with this order; I had meant to order a different product. Haiku Designs responded promptly, getting the right product to me. They make on-line shopping simple and worry-free.
E.B., Billings, MT
Good furniture
Phone service excellent, questions answered and handled in timely manner. I got what I expected and I (as well as wife) are very satisfied. Not inexpensive but quality doesn't come cheap.
M.Y., Aptos, CA
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