Raku Tatami High Rise Platform Bed

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The Raku Tatami High Rise Platform Bed in Japanese Style is the perfect expression of simple comfort.

In Japanese, Raku can be translated as "Comfort” or “Simple Comfort", and our Japanese Raku Tatami platform bed is the perfect expression of simple comfort. Simple as in easy to set up and enjoy, comfort as in lay back and relax. Embodying the Zen principles of simplicity in style, and in harmony with nature, our unique line of Japanese style contemporary platform beds incorporate design themes that are both comfortable to the senses and pleasing to the eye.

The Raku Tatami High Rise Platform Bed is taller than the normal Raku Tatami Platform Bed. Instead of the normal 9-1/4 inches, this High Rise model measures 14 inches tall.

In addition, the Raku Tatami Platform beds are an Eco- Friendly product. What this means is that the Raku Tatami Bed is constructed in a manner that is less harmful to the environment than many other furniture products on the market today. To begin with, the Raku bed is made from solid Para wood and does not contain any particle board or chipboard and the whole list of toxic compounds associated with that type of construction.  In addition, Para wood is a sustainably produced wood, meaning wood that is farmed and managed as opposed to a wood sourced from virgin forests.

Raku Tatami Platform Bed in Honey Oak with optional Tatami Mats and Shiki MatRaku Tatami High Rise Platform Bed in Honey Oak with optional Tatami Mats and Shiki Mat (sold separately)

Secondly, the bed uses a type of stain and finish that once applied is inert, meaning it does not off-gas toxic fumes into the sleeping environment, resulting in healthier nights rest.

And lastly, the bed frame does not use any nails, screws or steel dowels for assembly. Instead, the corners are joined together by means of an ingenious slot-locking system that is simple, sturdy, and easy to put together and take down. The middle rail does utilize steel bolts to secure the middle legs and rail to the bed frame creating a strong and extra sturdy foundation for the natural finished, solid wood slats, upon which the Tatami mats are placed.

Raku Tatami Bed Up Close and Personal

Upper Left:  Raku Tatami Bed (Twin) with Dark Walnut Headboard with Tatami Mat (Twin) and Rolled up Shiki Mat (sold separately)

Upper Right:  Front View Close-up of Construction of Dark Walnut Raku Headboard

Lower Left:  Close-up of Raku Tatami Bed's Slats.  The Raku Tatami Mat sits on this.

Lower Right:  Side View Close-up of Dark Walnut Headboard

The eco-friendly properties of the Raku can be further bolstered by the use of Tatami grass mats as a replacement for a box spring (grass mats sold separately). Placed on the slat platform structure of the Raku bed, our Tatami mats are the ideal surface upon which to place a latex, memory foam, or futon mattress, or any style of mattress, even a Shiki Sleeping Mat. The Tatami mats eliminate the need for a box spring. Overall, regardless of whether or not you choose to utilize Tatami mats, the Raku bed is an essential element of our Total Sleep Care System that promotes harmonious rest in the home.

In today's world which can be sometimes be described by the words fast-paced, hectic, intruding, stressful, hurried, and cluttered, it can be good to take a break and to indulge in the simple pleasures afforded by our Japanese Raku bed. Try out these words, simple, soothing relaxing, and restful. All these words are easy to enjoy with our Raku Tatami Bed.

Colors and Product Details

  • All slats are solid wood
  • Available add-on head board (sold separately)
  • Simple assembly required
  • All configurations work perfectly with any style mattress, futon, latex or memory foam mattress
  • Ideally suited for our Eco Pure Organic Futon, or our Sweet Dreams Latex Comfort Mattress
  • Kiln Dried Hardwood construction with Dark Walnut, Honey Oak or Natural Finish
  • The Raku Tatami Bed is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen and King size bed frames
  • Truck Line shipping only

  • Dimensions

    Bed SizeWidthLengthHeightWeight
    Twin 42" 80.5" 14" 85 lbs
    Twin XL 42" 85.25" 14" 95 lbs
    Full 59.5" 80.5" 14" 125 lbs
    Queen 65.375" 85.25" 14" 150 lbs
    King 82" 85.25" 14" 170 lbs

    All sizes have a 2" mattress inset. The Raku Tatami Platform Bed also comes in a lower, standard version that is 9.25" tall instead of 14", check out the Raku Tatami Platform Bed to learn more about this lower option.

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