The Shiki Futon Mat

for a Traditional Japanese Style sleep

Shiki Futon Mat

Healthy Comfort For Rest & Relaxation

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Shiki All-Natural and Organic Cotton Sleeping Mats

Available in Queen, King, Twin, and Full Sizes. See Sizes Tab for exact dimensions

Texas Organic Cotton Marketing CooperativeLevel 1—Shiki All-Natural Cotton Sleeping Mat


Level 2- Shiki Organic Cotton Sleeping Mat


Shiki All-Natural and Organic Cotton Covers

Level 1—Shiki All Natural Cotton Covers


Level 2- Shiki Organic Cotton Covers


Sleeping Mat Sizes

  • Twin Sleeping Mat is 39 x 75 inches x 3" thick.
  • Full Sleeping Mat is 54 x 75 inches x 3" thick.
  • Queen Sleeping Mat is 60" wide x 80" long x 3" thick.
  • King Sleeping Mat is 76" wide x 80" long x 3" thick.

Shipping Information

All Shiki Futons and Futon Covers ship UPS standard ground within the Continental United States. Each item is carefully packed in extra sturdy boxing to protect against damage and shipped fully insured to your location. For Canadian shipments please contact us here for exact shipping UPS charges.

  • Delivery Status: Hand made at time of order.
  • Shipping Time: Usually ships within 2 weeks
  • Shiki Mats with or without cover ships for $79
  • Shiki Mat Covers by themselves ship for $29

Color Options

Cream Eggplant Shiki Mat Color
  Cream Cover               Eggplant Cover                        Shiki Mat Color
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Haiku Designs is pleased to offer our take on the traditional Japanese style futon, custom made and hand crafted exclusively in the United States, using the finest quality materials and offering a firm and comfortable rest. Our sleeping mat has one important advantage over other traditional style futons: our mats are made in an Eco-friendly way using all-natural materials, such as organic and unbleached cotton.

In Japan, Taiwan and many other countries across the Pacific Rim the preferred manner of sleep is to rest upon a series of Tatami mats, grass straw floor mats, upon which a futon style mat is placed. This Shiki Futon as it is called in Japan is then made into a bed with sheets, pillows and blankets for a firm and comfortable nights rest.

Space being at a premium in many areas, the Shiki Mat is then rolled up during the day, and used as a couch to lean against or is placed in a closet and the area where the bed was located is used as a living space. 

Shiki mat


Our Shiki style futon is made from Natural and Organic cotton, and is encased and tufted in a heavy duty cotton canvas material for strength and durability.  The rest can be considered firm, and the mattress is available in two styles.

Shiki Mat
  • All Natural and Organic materials
  • Firm and comfortable rest
  • Comes in Twin, Full, Queen or King size
  • Optional All Natural or Organic covers

The Shiki All Natural Sleeping Mat-Level 1 is made from natural cotton, meaning traditionally grown cotton that has not been dyed, bleached or treated in any way. As most cotton is heavily bleached with toxic chlorine and dioxin chemicals, our Shiku All Natural Sleeping Mat is a big and reasonably priced step toward creating a healthier sleeping environment. We also offer a Shiki All Natural Cotton Mat Cover for your new mat, in Cream and Eggplant colors.

Shiki mat


If you are looking for organic cotton, we have our Shiki Organic Cotton Sleeping Mat-Level 2. It is made from certified 100% Organic Cotton batting material and covered in a 100% Organic Cotton canvas cover, offering the highest level of health and chemical free comfort. Make sure to pick up a Shiki Organic Cotton Mat Cover for your new mat, in Cream color.

The real benefit is that you can now have the comfort and firmness of a traditional style Japanese sleeping mat while at the same time resting in a healthy environment, free of petrochemical foams and fillers and made from All Natural and Organic materials.  Good for you! Good for the Earth!

Shiki mat


Consider our Shiki Sleeping Mat as a handy easy to store sleeping pad when out of town guests drop in, for outdoor, or camper sleeping, or as the perfect compliment to our Japanese Raku Tatami platform bed.


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