Japanese Tatami Mats

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A "Just-Right" Meeting of Comfort and Firmness

The Kaiteki Authentic Japanese Style Tatami Mats

Our authentic, traditional Japanese Saitek Tatami Mats are the perfect Asian style floor covering and are both comfortable enough to walk on and yet soft enough to rest on or perhaps lay a mattress on. Our exclusive Saitek Tatami Mats are designed to withstand years and years of heavy use. Great for entrance areas, dining rooms, meditation rooms, bedrooms or martial arts studios.

Manufactured in Taiwan for the Japanese Home market and bearing the JAL approval certificate for quality, and for use of non-toxic materials in construction, our Haiku Designs Tatami mats are quite simply the best tatami mats available in the American market today. 

Kaiteki is translated from Japanese as "Comfort". We call this the great meeting of two distinct styles, firmness with good support and comfort in the slight give, and natural relaxing feel of the rushstraw Tatami mats.  Enjoy the "Not too soft - not too hard" comfort that these beautiful Tatami mats offer.


Japanese Craftsmen making traditional tatami mats about 1860

Manufactured in Taiwan, our mats are constructed  in much the same way Tatami mats have been traditionally made in the east, for hundreds of years.   For instance, our mats use all natural grass and rice straw instead of the wafer board or wood board that is commonly found in less expensive mats. Layered grass straw is more time consuming to manufacturer but it gives our mats that firm feeling with a slight and comfortable give that make Tatami mats such a unique and valuable floor covering. 

In addition, the grass straw used as a covering for our Tatami mats is rated, "Best Grade #1", meaning little or no visible variation in grass straw pattern, further evidence of the quality of construction used in the  Haiku Designs Kaiteki Tatami Mats.

Eco-Friendly: Better for you and your home

Because Tatami Mats include a large portion of rush straw, they are classified an agricultural product and must meet strict U.S. Department of Agricultural custom regulations designed to prevent the introduction of insects, and molds into the country. Most Tatami mat manufacturers meet these requirements by placing toxic powder insecticide coatings into several layers of the tatami mat, or fumigating the entire mat with pesticide gas.

Our Kaiteki Tatami Mats are the cleanest, most eco-friendly mats available today because they are processed and manufactured naturally. Instead of toxic pesticide powders, fumigation gas or sprays, our mats meet the U.S. Custom requirements by means of an infrared heat process that gently heats the mats eliminating any potential molds. In addition our rush straw components are thoroughly washed using a special process before manufacturing, eliminating any potential problems. 


  • Cleanest, most eco-friendly mats available today
  • Processed and manufactured naturally
  • Natural, renewable materials
  • No toxic pesticide powders or harmful sprays
  • Meets strict JAS, JIS, and USDA standards

What this means to you is that the Tatami mats from Haiku Designs offer a beautiful, harmonious traditional Japanese style floor covering for your home or office that is made from all natural, renewable materials in a way that is Eco-friendly and toxin free.

Our  Tatami Mats are constructed of 4 layers of compressed rice straw, covered with a first grade, tightly woven, rush grass, sewn to the base layers, and then bound with a high-grade black border.   Assembled in Taiwan, our Kaiteki Tatami mats are approved and certified for sale in Japan meeting the strict JAS and JIS standards for sale of product in Japan.

With proper treatment our Tatami mats will last up to 20 years. 



In the Edo period of classical Japanese culture the art of placing Tatami mats in a certain pattern in a home, teahouse, or temple was thought to be auspicious and to bring good fortune.  This later came to be known as a Washitsu room or a Japanese style room. When complimented with traditional Japanese furniture such as futons and Rice paper lamps, the result produces a sense of natural beauty, harmony and simplicity all key elements of Japanese home design.

Although today Tatami mats are used in a wide range of places and configurations the traditional “Auspicious” style layout listed below confers a balance and sense of harmony and beauty wherever it is placed.  It is often used in traditional and modern style homes both in Japan and here in the states to bring balance, order, and an auspicious flow of good luck. Bring good fortune to your home and consider our special Washitsu Auspicious Tatami package and save.

auspicious tatami layout


Please contact us at information@haikudesigns.com if you need a suggestion for your Tatami layout. 


Ordering Information


Want to purchase an Auspicious Layout Tatami Set? Here's how to save!

Kaiteki Auspicious Layout 5-Piece Tatami Mat Set

This special website price Includes 4 authentic, standard/large size mats and 1 half size tatami mat. When you purchase this set, you save up to $200 off the freight shipping price. The flat rate shipping of the Auspicious Layout Tatami Set is only $199 within the continental United States! Truck line shipping.

4 Standard/Large Size Mats and one Half Size Mat for a total size of 8' 10.5" by 8' 10.5" Square. Total weight is 378 lbs.

Shipping Info


tatami full

Kaiteki Standard/Large Size Tatami Floor Mat

Standard/Large Size Mat is 71" long by 35.5" wide and 2.25" thick, 84 lbs. Truck line shipping.

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half size tatami mat

Kaiteki Half Size Tatami Floor Mat

Half Size Mat is 35.5" long by 35.5" wide and 2.25" thick, 42 lbs. Truck line shipping.

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Honest Shipping- UPS, Fed Ex, or Truck Line Delivery

In order to insure our Tatami mats arrive at your location safely we double box and add extra padding to all shipments. Single mats can be shipped UPS ground for a cost of $99.  Orders of more that one mat require truck line shipping due to their weight (70 lbs) and size. 

Delivery time for Tatami mats is 2-4 weeks.

Auspicious Layout 5-Piece Tatami Set Order

  • If the Auspicious Layout 5-Piece Tatami Set is ordered, the flat freight shipping rate is $199 when the set is shipped within the continental United States.

Individual or Multiple Tatami Mat Orders

For orders for individual or multiple Tatami Mats, we will calculate freight shipping charges on an individual basis to insure every customer receives the best possible price.

  • We offer up front quotes for your approval before the order is charged. 
  • Place your order for any specific furniture product or combination of products through our secure servers, or call 1-800-736-7614 for an exact freight quote.
  • Our shipping experts will calculate the best possible transportation charges to your location, and will notify you for your approval.
  • No order is processed until your final approval, and you can cancel your order up until time of shipment for no charge

Our Shipping rates are the best in the industry. Due to the volume of furniture we ship, Haiku Designs receives up to 80% discounts off of normal rates, and we pass those savings on to our customers. All furniture is shipped on Class #1 Carriers, Fully Insured, and is delivered right to your front door, or building front door, with a courtesy notification phone call to set up the best time for delivery.

Please note that Tatami mats are large, bulky, and heavy, and care must be taken when moving them.