Tomaru Japanese Style Platform Bed

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The Tomaru Platform Bed from Haiku Designs embodies the Zen principles of simplicity in style and in harmony with nature, and incorporates Asian design themes that are comfortable to the senses and pleasing to the eye.

”Stay for the night”. In Japan, Tomaru can be translated as “stop", “halt”, “stay”, or the more metaphorical translation, “stay for the night”. Inviting and comforting, our Tomaru Platform Bed is the perfect expression of elegance and simplicity, harmony and peace. The Tomaru Platform Bed is the embodiment of Haiku’s Zen Modern design.

Zen Modern is modern design meets Zen philosophy. Asian themes of harmony with nature and low minimalist profiles influence the sleek, elegant lines of modern furniture to create stunning pieces that help create the relaxing retreat you deserve. The Tomaru Platform Bed is your ticket to that heaven.

Stunning and sophisticated, the beautifully unique Tomaru Platform Bed will be the centerpiece within your space of rest. Untie your shoes, take a load off, and “stay for the night” atop your new Tomaru low-profile Platform Bed.



As previously stated, an important part of Zen Modern is harmony with nature. Harmony with nature means incorporating sustainability practices and eliminating the use of harmful chemicals. Our Tomaru Platform Bed incorporates those production practices to offer you a product that is not only beautiful and functional, but better for you and your bedroom environment.

Keeping in line with the principles of Zen Modern, our Tomaru Platform Bed boasts no particleboard or toxic glues that off-gas into the sleeping area. It’s masterfully crafted in solid wood with natural-based stains to prevent your relaxation space from being sullied by toxic fumes that so many other pieces of furniture emit. The Tomaru Platform Bed brings the beauty and tranquility of nature indoors because it is an all-natural product manufactured in a way that is harmonious with nature.

This Japanese platform bed is made of 100% solid Para hardwood from Indonesia, which is sustainable, harvested and an environmentally friendly wood. The Para wood tree, also known as the rubber tree, is valued for its overall strength, dense wood grain, and attractive light color. It is also prized as an environmentally friendly wood since the wood is plantation-harvested from grown rubber trees that have been cut down at the end of their latex-producing cycle.



The modern slat system that forms the base of the Tomaru Platform Bed, eliminates the need for a box spring. This solid wood, modern slat system creates the perfect sleeping environment by allowing air to circulate throughout the mattress. Continuous circulation and air flow encourage a healthier sleep by reducing allergens, moisture buildup, and dust mites: all essential components of our Total Sleep Care System. The Tomaru works perfectly with any style mattress, futon, latex or memory foam mattress and is ideally suited for our Eco Rest Organic Futon or our Nidra Latex Comfort Mattress.

Additionally, since the slat-to-siderail transition is completely smooth, the Tomaru Japanese Platform Bed is also perfectecly suited to host a Tatami Mat and Shiki Futon combo for an exceptionally natural sleep. Complete the Japanese Modern aesthetic while properly paying homage to traditional Japanese practices with out all natural Tatami Mat and Organic Cotton/Natural Wool Shiki Mats.


One Bed Fits All - Works With a Standard King or Queen Mattress


Another incredible feature of the Tomaru Platform Bed is that it is essentially a one-size-fits-all Queen and standard King mattresses. The Tomaru Platform Bed is unusual in that the same bedframe can fit both Queen and King mattresses giving you the freedom to upgrade or downgrade in size without also needing to spend additional money to replace the frame.

The Bedframe is 77.25" wide by 85.75" long and 28" high to the top of the headboard. The height of the frame is 8.5" from the floor to the top of the bed frame. With a Queen mattress (60" wide x 80" long) you’ll have a platform that stylishly extends past the mattress. With a standard/eastern King mattress (76" wide x 80" long ) the mattress will sit from the left to the right edge of the frame as shown in the above photo.

It is like having two beds for the price of one!

The Tomaru Platform Bed is simple, sturdy and easy to assemble requiring only a few screws to secure the frame. The sturdy Tomaru bedframe also includes a center wood spine with additional feet and 15 hardwood slats. This center support rail and center leg can support any standard size mattress, Queen or King.



Dimensions, Colors, and Product Details

  • Kiln dried hardwood construction with Dark Walnut or Honey Oak finish
  • 77" wide x 86" long x 27.5" high to the top of the headboard
  • 8.5" From the floor to the top of the side rail or wing
  • No mattress inset
  • Simple assembly required
  • All slats are solid wood
  • Truck Line shipping
  • One-size frame fits both Queen and standard King mattresses

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